Youth Drop-in Centre


The Youth Drop-in Centre coordinates and provides delivery and access to a broad range of community social services for youth that increase their developmental opportunities and enhance their quality of life. This includes cultural programs, education and training programs, health programs, support and access to information. The program is modelled on an interagency approach to offering various services and counselling to youth.

The drop-in was initiated by the work of our Youth Advisory Team. This program is targeted at youth identified by MSS as hard to serve, living high-risk lifestyles, most of whom are habitually absent from care and in incredibly vulnerable situations.

The drop-in will provide a safe, supportive environment where youth experience new opportunities, pro-social activities, recreation, develop positive relationships and build the life skills necessary to live independently. In addition, case workers will provide support services related to housing, food security, safety planning and harm reduction.

More information about this program will be added to this page soon! Email for more information.